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Tibialis Raises: The Ultimate Exercise for Bulletproof Shins

Tibialis Raises: The Ultimate Exercise for Bulletproof Shins

The Tibialis Anterior Raise The tibialis anterior is a muscle located on the front of the shin, and is responsible for dorsiflexion (pointing up) of the ankle and inversion (pointing inward) of the...

EquipmentHelping Runners Worldwide

How HGG Equipment Is Helping Runners Worldwide

Having now worked with dozens of runners, High Performance Staff, Sprint and Running Coaches, Physios and (P)rehab specialists, we have seen a huge trend in performance enhancement and injury preve...

EquipmentHGG Performance Team

Our Story

Started from the garage now we here! Have a read of our epic rollercoaster of a business story to learn how we put tibialis training back on the map with our iconic innovations and how we got to wh...

EquipmentISOTIB Single Leg Tib Bar


We are the original creators of the ISOTIB®, the world's first single leg Tib Bar! The ISOTIB® has been designed to isolate and strengthen stabiliser muscles of the ankle and lower leg, along wit...

EquipmentTib Bar

The Tib Bar™

This is where the HGG Performance journey all began. We are the original creators of the world famous Tib Bar™ - we didn’t just create the name, we created the game. The Tib Bar™ is a game changin...

EquipmentAdjustable Nordic Bar

The Nordic Bar™

The Nordic Bar™ is the nordic solution you have been searching for! The Nordic Bar™ is designed to primarily strengthen the hamstring group of muscles located at the rear of the thigh (specificall...

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