The Wrist Axe™

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Training with a Wrist Axe might not sound too sexy at first, but what if we were to tell you that increasing your forearm, grip and rotational strength would drastically boost your performance in sports and every day activities such as carrying heavy objects?

How about if you discovered that it eliminated wrist pain or prevented injuries such as tennis elbow or wrist sprains? Imagine if your forearms pumped up to Popeye size?

Yeah, The Wrist Axe sounds pretty sexy now doesn't it! Unlocking 6+ exercises with just 1 piece of affordable equipment, The Wrist Axe is a sleek, universal strength and conditioning tool and our #2 best seller worldwide.

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Increases forearm, grip & wrist strength
Improves performance in racket, stick & bat sports
Improves mobility, flexibility & stability
Prevents wrist & elbow injuries & pain
Pumps up your forearms
Unlocks 6+ exercises with 1 tool
They feel awesome, very strong with the perfect size and feel to them, these will last a life time for sure. They work my grip, my wrist strength and pump my forearms right up. Great for injury prevention for the wrists and elbows and even help heal these issues. I've had so much fun coming up with new ways to use them.

Stephen S. - Customer Review