Calisthenics and bar work with The Wrist Axe™

calisthenics and bar work with the wrist axe

Using the Wrist Axe™ for Calisthenics & Bar Work...

It’s no secret that calisthenics and bar work requires lots of wrist, grip and forearm strength.

In the same way that a runner would stretch their legs and body before hitting the road, it pays to stretch your wrists, hands and forearms before hitting the bars!

The Wrist Axe™ is dual purpose, giving you the option to load with weight and build strength on the days you’re not on the bars, or it can be de-loaded then used for stretching and increasing range of motion before doing your bar work.

The Mini Parallettes are great for taking with you, and are perfect for practicing all your new moves safely, close to the ground.

Watch: Calisthenics and bar work with The Wrist Axe™

To learn more about the The Wrist Ace™ or to purchase, visit our product page.

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