6 Ways to use The Wrist Axe™

build wrist and hand grip

Strengthen your wrist, hand, forearm and grip

What are the benefits of the The Wrist Axe™?

The Wrist Axe™ is the perfect way to progressively load the wrist and hand, building forearm, grip and rotational strength through full range of motion.

The Wrist Axe™  is ideal for racket, stick and bat sports players, as well as the calisthenics community or anyone suffering from wrist, hand, forearm or elbow injuries

If you play racket, bat or stick sports this is for you! This is also handy for anyone suffering with tennis elbow.

Watch: 6 ways to use The Wrist Axe™


Exercises that can be performed using the HGG Wrist Axe™ are:⁣

  • Radial Flexion ⁣ 
  • Ulnar Flexion⁣ 
  • Supination ⁣ 
  • Pronation⁣ 
  • Wrist Extension ⁣ 
  • Wrist Flexion ⁣ ⁣

To learn more about the The Wrist Axe™ or to purchase, visit our product page.

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