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hgg performance landmine exercises
Workout Tutorials

6 Epic Landmine Exercises

Landmine exercises are a fun and interesting way to workout, and there are so many different exercises you can do with a very basic setup. In this video we take you through 6 different landmine exe...

booty building exercises

4 Booty Building Exercises

Do you want to strengthen and grow your glutes? Then you've come to the right place! This booty building workout will have you feeling the burn and getting all the booty gains.

activating the tibialis anterior tendon with hgg performance isotib-lt

Activating the Tibialis Anterior Tendon

In this blog we delve into the critical role of the tibialis anterior tendon and how its activation can be optimised using innovative tools like the HGG Performance ISOTIB-LT®.

Eventshgg performance community workout

Fire & Ice Community Event

We ran our first HGG Community Event over the weekend and it was a hit! This took place at the HGG HQ on the Gold Coast. We had a fantastic turnout of people come down on Saturday morning to parti...

How to videoshow to training hip flexors

Why you should train your hip flexors

Hip flexor training is underrated and overlooked but plays an important role in walking, running, jumping, and even sitting. Training the hip flexors can have several benefits, including improved ...

How to videoshow to train hamstrings

4 ways to train hamstrings

Increasing hamstring strength is highly desirable if you run or play sport. In addition to enhancing running speed and jumping height, strong hamstrings play a crucial role in stabilising the knee ...

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