hgg performance community workout

Fire & Ice Community Event

We ran our first HGG Community Event over the weekend and it was a hit! This took place at the HGG HQ on the Gold Coast. We had a fantastic turnout of people come down on Saturday morning to parti...

Endurancehgg performance at the gold coast running festival

Gold Coast Running Festival

Over the weekend our team took part in the Gold Coast Running Festival where we had a tent set up and our CEO Mick Sears competed in his first half marathon. We had a tent set up with compression b...

Eventshgg performance at the gold coast pho3nix triathlon

Pho3nix Gold Coast Triathlon

We had an exceptional time taking part in the Pho3nix Gold Coast Triathlon over the weekend. We had our HGG Performance tent set up and were busy educating athletes on our different products and ho...

EventsRunning Workshop

Run Right - Running Workshop

RUN RIGHT There is a large (and growing) run community on the Gold Coast, which is fantastic to see and we love being a part of it.Being readily available to anyone with legs and the will to mo...

EventsStrength and Conditioning Conference


ASCA International Conference on Applied Strength & Conditioning What is the ASCA conference?The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) is the accrediting body for strength and...

EventsIce Bath and Compression Boots Recovery

Confraternity Carnival 2022

See what the HGG Crew got up to at the 2022 Confraternity Carnival!