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hgg performance at the gold coast running festival

Gold Coast Running Festival

Over the weekend our team took part in the Gold Coast Running Festival where we had a tent set up and our CEO Mick Sears competed in his first half marathon. We had a tent set up with compression b...

EquipmentTibialis Raises: The Ultimate Exercise for Bulletproof Shins

Tibialis Raises: The Ultimate Exercise for Bulletproof Shins

The Tibialis Anterior Raise The tibialis anterior is a muscle located on the front of the shin, and is responsible for dorsiflexion (pointing up) of the ankle and inversion (pointing inward) of the...

RunningMarathon Running

If You Want To Run, You MUST Strength Train

If you want to run your best, you MUST strength train.Written by Sean Bell - Co Founder of First42k. For many years, it was believed that to be a great runner, you just needed to run. No strength t...

EventsRunning Workshop

Run Right - Running Workshop

RUN RIGHT There is a large (and growing) run community on the Gold Coast, which is fantastic to see and we love being a part of it.Being readily available to anyone with legs and the will to mo...

EquipmentHelping Runners Worldwide

How HGG Equipment Is Helping Runners Worldwide

Having now worked with dozens of runners, High Performance Staff, Sprint and Running Coaches, Physios and (P)rehab specialists, we have seen a huge trend in performance enhancement and injury preve...

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