Joe Rogan X The Tib Bar

Joe Rogan X The Tib Bar

Joe Rogan said what about the Tib Bar?! The HGG Performance Tib Bar has received multiple mentions on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and we are stoked about it. Joe Rogan owns an HGG Tib Bar so w...

EquipmentHow To Do A Tib Raise

How To Do A Tib Raise

Learn how to do a tibialis raise correctly and safely with the Tib Bar and the ISOTIB-LT so you can reap all the benefits of this progressive and popular training exercise.

Equipmenthow to use the tib bar

3 Ways to Use The Tib Bar™

In this blog we take you through the benefits of using the The Tib Bar™ and provide a video tutorial taking you through 3 exercises you can do with The Tib Bar™.