How HGG Equipment Is Helping Runners Worldwide

Helping Runners Worldwide


Over the past 2 years HGG Performance equipment has had a huge impact on performance and (p)rehab across a wide range of sports and industries.

One of the most predominant places we have seen the equipment benefit is in running, as much a part of sport as a stand alone activity.

During running, there is an increased load placed on the lower extremities, including the ankles, shins, knees and hips and as such, these tend to be the areas that experience the most injuries.


Having now worked with dozens of runners, High Performance Staff, Sprint and Running Coaches, Physios and (P)rehab specialists, we have seen a huge trend in performance enhancement and injury prevention when strengthening the areas most prone to injury during activity.


Using the Tib Bar™ to strengthen the tibialis anterior (shin muscle) helps with the absorption of high volume and force placed through the shin to avoid overuse and overload related injuries, such as medial tibial stress syndrome (i.e. ‘shin splints’) and stress fractures.

The Tib Bar™ can also be used to train and strengthen the hamstrings and quads, which are the main flexors and extensors of the knee.

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As with the Tib Bar, the ISOTIB® is great for combating shin splints by strengthening the tibialis anterior (shin muscle) and is the perfect way to isolate and strengthen each leg individually.

Naturally, most people are already dominant in one side of their body, but if you throw an ankle or knee injury into the mix, it's very easy for the body to become out of balance. One of the greatest benefits of unilateral training with the ISOTIB® is the abililty to remove those imbalances.

Also, by strengthening the muscles, ligaments and tendons that support the ankle and shins, the ISOTIB® can improve ankle stability and range of motion, helping to reduce the chance of ankle injuries (re)occurring.

Having the ability to generate more force through the ankle means having the ability to change direction faster. By strengthening the muscles and ligaments around the joint, it also means that if the ankle is placed into a compromised position, by stepping on an uneven surface or rock for example, it will be less likely to roll and/or injure.

The ISOTIB® can also be used to strengthen the quads, hamstrings, and the hip flexors (another crucial muscle for running longevity and sprint speed.)

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The Nordic Bar is the perfect way to perform the Nordic Hamstring Exercise (NHE) to eccentrically train and strengthen the hamstring, which is a critical muscle for running speed.

The NHE has been shown to reduce hamstring injury by up to 51% when incorporated into a training program just once per week.

This is huge for runners!

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Having now received dozens upon dozens of testimonials from our customers, it has become apparent that our equipment is having a huge impact on the run community.

By strengthening main leg muscles such as the tibialis anterior, hamstrings, quads and hip flexors, and by building strength around the ankles, knees and hips, our run community has improved performance, reduced pain and minimized injury, allowing them to enjoy running without setbacks.

Jordan Chenery Ultra Marathon Runner
Jordan Chenery - Ultra Marathon Runner

Jordan Chenery is an ultra endurance athlete with an incredible list of accomplishments that demonstrate his ability to conquer the most demanding challenges.

His most recent challenge - 33 marathons in 33 days.

Jords is a huge advocate for strength and conditioning for running and uses HGG equipment in his training programs several times per week.

When asked what he thought of HGG equipment, Jords responded with
"The ISOTIB® has helped my strength, not just for running but movements for everyday life.

As my focus is lots of trail running and constantly needing to navigating different terrains, I have noticed a significant difference in my balance and co ordination around my training and workouts.

The people closest to me know that my day to day focus is movement with longevity as the focus, therefore strength training is the cornerstone to my running programs to help keep my body strong, year on year.

If there is one tool that needs to be included in your strength workouts, it’s definitely The ISOTIB®."

Jordan using the HGG Tib Bar


Last month HGG Performance partnered with Griffith University to study the effectiveness of the ISOTIB® on combating shin splints.

It's early days, but what we are seeing so far is very promising!

One of our participants named Jake (adjusted for privacy reasons) has been using the ISOTIB® as part of the trial for 4 weeks. 

Jake, an endurance runner, had developed severe inflammation and bruising in one of his legs after running a huge 100 mile race.

In pain and limping for weeks, Jake begun the trial with the intent to strengthen his legs in preparation for upcoming events.

For an accurate assessment, participants have been using the ISOTIB® on one leg only, with the opposite leg the "control leg."

In just 3.5 weeks of using the ISOTIB® the inflammation in his test leg completely subsided. Continuing to run he is now pain free in his test leg while pain has increased in the opposite leg.

Although Jake's results are not complete, nor can these results be guaranteed, we are eager to see what the rest of this study can reveal.


As with most sports, focusing on adding strength to technique will almost always be beneficial. 

If you're somebody who suffers from pain or injury while running, or you are looking to prevent injury from occurring, you will most likely benefit from strengthening and conditioning the muscles, ligaments and joints that are placed under the most load during activity.

If you haven't already started, it's not too late!

Note: Always consult with a qualified professional before beginning your rehabilitation journey.

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