Confraternity Carnival 2022

Ice Bath and Compression Boots Recovery

Confraternity Carnival Sponsors

HGG's Mick and Benny recently returned from Mackay where they had spent the week operating a demonstration and recovery center for the Confraternity Carnival.

The Confraternity Carnival, often referred to as “Confro,” is the premier rugby league competition for Catholic and independent secondary schools in Queensland.

Working in conjunction with Queensland Rugby League and run by the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Rugby League, the competition is a week-long carnival that features over 1,000 students from more than 60 schools.

Confro has been held annually since 1980 and attending schools from across Queensland take turns hosting, meaning the carnival is in a different location each year.
The Set Up - HGG Equipment
HGG Performance set up multiple marquees for the duration of the Carnival. With several schools and NRL teams already using HGG equipment, and with an aim to reduce ankle and hamstring injury in the next generation of athletes, displaying the HGG range to school teams, coaches, and principals made a lot of sense.

The crew set up an amazing display of Tib Bars, ISOTIB’s, Nordic Bars and Sleds which was met with great enthusiasm by all who attended.


Mick giving one of the refs a tutorial on the ISOTIB

The Set Up - Recovery

HGG are proud partners of P3 Recovery Center and The Move Better Project who loaned a wide range of recovery equipment to help the athletes stay sharp for the duration of the carnival.

Each team plays two games per day on Monday and Tuesday, so post game recovery is vital to ensure they can return to field in optimal condition.

To do so, HGG set up multiple ice baths, Normatec compression boots, Hyperice percussion guns, Hyperice Venom - back recovery packs, Hyperice vibrating foam rollers, and TIDL spray to be used by teams post play.

The team from St Teresa's Abergowrie recovering in the ice baths and compression boots. 

Giving Back

Mick Sears, the director of HGG Performance represented St Mary’s College Toowoomba when he played consecutive years of the Confraternity Carnival in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Since the inception of HGG Performance in 2020 Confro has been canceled due to covid. Reminiscing on the past and feeling somewhat nostalgic, Mick took the first chance he could to sponsor the event in 2022.

“Competing at Confro gave me some of the best memories of my life,” Mick said, “so being able to give back to the community, the Carnival, and St Marys is something very special to me.”

Mick Sears with St Mary's College

Mick Sears with St. Mary's College Toowoomba

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Confraternity Carnival, QISSRL, P3 Recovery Center, The Move Better Project, and Hyperice for their amazing partnerships during the event.

Congratulations to Ignatius Park on a great win and spectacular display of talent and skill!

See you next year Confro!

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