The ISOTIB-LT: What's in the box & how to set it up

The ISOTIB-LT: What's in the box & how to set it up

Wondering what you’ll get when you buy an ISOTIB-LT?

Got one already and curious on how to set it up?

Check out this video for a closer look at all of the features of the ISOTIB-LT so that you can customise yours to suit YOUR BODY and YOUR WORKOUTS:

Strap positioning

Strap has 5 positions + should run over centre of foot. If it does, leave it.
To reposition, undo bolt on each side, fit strap in correct position and tighten.
This requires a 4mm allen key.

Adjusting the strap

The strap has two adjustments. Fixed + quick release.

To set fixed adjustment, open lever on left, adjust strap support to fit center of foot, clamp it back down. You wont need to adjust this lever again.

The quick release has two levers. The big lever tightens. The little lever loosens.

Fitting the loading pin

To fit the loading pin, insert bolt from top of base. Align sleeve with ball of foot. Secure sleeve by twisting clockwise into the bolt.

To take a closer look at the ISOTIB-LT, click here.

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