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How To Strengthen Your Legs

How To Strengthen Your Legs

3 signs your legs need strengthening!

  1. When walking, running, or playing sport, your muscles fatigue before your lungs
  2. You have wobbly, weak legs when walking on unstable surfaces or carrying load
  3. You frequently end up with injuries, sprains or strains

If this sounds like you, you will benefit from incorporating strength training into your routine.


What can you do to help strengthen your legs?

Compound exercises target multiple muscles simultaneously and help build overall strength and mass.

Try combining exercises like squats, sled drags and sled pushes. Check out our range of sleds and our landmine clamp to add an extra challenge to your squats. 

Squats to build leg strength Sled drags to strengthen legs Sled pushes to strengthen legs

Single leg isolation exercises improve stability and balance.

Try exercises like the psoas march, ankle rotations and leg extensions. You can do all three of these exercises with the ISOTIB-LT.

PSOAS march to strengthen legs Ankle rotations to strengthen legs Leg raises to strengthen legs

Incorporate a combination of compound and isolation exercises into your weekly routine and watch your leg strength, balance and endurance improve!

Need some equipment to get you started?

Click here for our top picks of leg strengthening gym equipment.

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