Easiest Ways To Load a Barbell

Easiest Ways To Load a Barbell

Training with loaded barbells and looking for ways to make your life easier?

Here are 4 barbell hacks everyone should know!
  1. Load the barbell while racked - this is the easiest way to get plates on and off
  2. Load the barbell with a light plate first - roll it onto a small plate to create clearance, then add the heavy plates
  3. Slide the bar instead of the plates. Its much easier to drag the bar then it is it grip and balance a 25kg plate.
  4. Use the barbell as leverage to load the first plate, its also great for unloading a full side of plates.

Watch the video below for a full demonstration on the easiest ways to load a barbell.

We hope this makes loading your barbell a little smoother for your next workout!


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