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Episode #27: Katy Sears - HGG's Creative Director + Marketing Wizard | Scaling Business

Katy Sears is the Creative Director and brains behind the marketing strategies and campaigns at HGG Performance. In this episode, we shine a well-deserved light on Katy as she joins Mick, husband a...

EnduranceEpisode #26: Blakey Johnston - World Record Surf | 40 Hours + 707 Waves

Episode #26: Blakey Johnston - World Record Surf | 40 Hours + 707 Waves

Blakey Johnston made waves (literally) across Australia and the world when he broke the world record for the longest surf in March this year. Surfing for 40 hours, a total of 707 waves and raising ...

Podcastsqueeze the juice podcast hamstring injury

Episode #25: Dr Steven Duhig - Lecturer & Researcher | Hamstring Injury Prevention and Performance Optimisation

In this episode we deep dive into Steve’s clinical mind and cover the technical aspects of hamstring injury, tibialis training and shin splints, whilst also covering different modalities of trainin...

Extreme Sportxantheia pennisi cliff diver podcast

Episode #24: Xantheia Pennisi - Professional Cliff Diver | World Traveller

In this podcast we chat with Xantheia Pennisi, a professional cliff diver.  We discuss how she got into the sport, the training involved to her Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series events and everyth...

Endurancegeorgia miller ironwoman on squeeze the juice podcast

Episode #23: Georgia Miller - 3x Consecutive Ironwoman Titles | Fractured Spine Setback

Called a Triple Crown, Georgia Miller won the Coolangatta Gold, a Nutri-Grain Iron Series and an Australian Ironwoman title all within the same season. In this episode Georgia talks about her love ...

Enduranceellie salthouse on squeeze the juice podcast

Episode #22: Ellie Salthouse - Life as a professional Triathlete

Ellie Salthouse is a professional Triathlete here in Australian and is one of the best  in the entire world. We are beyond stoked to have had the opportunity to chat with her on the show and to get...