Episode #26: Blakey Johnston - World Record Surf | 40 Hours + 707 Waves

Episode #26: Blakey Johnston - World Record Surf | 40 Hours + 707 Waves

Raising awareness of mental health & $450,000...

Blakey Johnston made waves (literally) across Australia and the world when he broke the world record for the longest surf in March this year. Surfing for 40 hours, a total of 707 waves and raising a total of nearly $450,000 for The Chumpy Pullin Foundation.

Having grown up surfing from the age of 6, Blakey lives and breathes the ocean. He owns and runs the Cronulla Surfing Academy in NSW where he teaches people how to surf.

    What's in this episode?

    In this podcast we chat surfing, mental health and of course, Blakey’s experience surfing for 40 hours straight! He dives into what motivated him to break the record and the mental and physical challenges he faced leading up to, and during the big surf. 

    This is an inspiring story and a gentle reminder that it’s natural to have ups and downs, and that there are tools and support out there for those who find themselves struggling.

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