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xantheia pennisi cliff diver podcast
Extreme Sport

Episode #24: Xantheia Pennisi - Professional Cliff Diver | World Traveller

In this podcast we chat with Xantheia Pennisi, a professional cliff diver.  We discuss how she got into the sport, the training involved to her Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series events and everyth...

Enduranceabdullah zeinab ultra cyclist squeeze the juice podcast

Episode #21: Abdullah Zeinab - 5000km + Ultra Cyclist | Mental Resilience

Abdullah Zeinab is an ultra cyclist from the Gold Coast. He first got into cycling in 2016 when he decided to bike from Melbourne to Adelaide to visit his mum. In this episode Abdullah discusses th...

Extreme Sportbrandon loupos bmx rider on squeeze the juice podcase hgg performance

Episode #10: Brandon Loupos - BMX Aus & World Champ

In this episode of Squeeze the juice podcast we chat with Brandon Loupos, a professional BMX rider. We talk about the journey to the top, starting as an 11yo kid with a BMX who sucked at riding, ye...

Extreme Sportbonnie-hancock-paddle-around-australia-squeeze-the-juice-podcast

Episode #4: Bonnie Hancock - The Paddle of Aus, World Records, Sharks and Crocodiles

Bonnie recently paddled 12,700km around Australia on a surf ski, breaking four world records in the process, including the fastest and youngest person to circumnavigate Australia by paddle. In this...