Episode #21: Abdullah Zeinab - 5000km + Ultra Cyclist | Mental Resilience

abdullah zeinab ultra cyclist squeeze the juice podcast

Pushing his limits on the bike...

Abdullah Zeinab is an ultra cyclist from the Gold Coast. He first got into cycling in 2016 when he decided to bike from Melbourne to Adelaide to visit his mum. 

From here, he took his cycling to the next level by cycling Sydney to Perth (5,500km), around America (5,700km) and most recently becoming the first person to finish the 2,750km Rhino Run race across South Africa and Namibia.


What's in this episode?

In this episode Abdullah discusses the mental challenges he experienced while being on the bike, how it's given him the space he needed to tap into himself on a deeper level and stripping away limiting beliefs that stood in his way.

He gives us insight into the Rhino Race and how he didn't sleep for four days straight which led to him blacking out and forgetting who he was and what he was doing. 

This is one of the most extreme stories we have ever heard, you don't want to miss it!

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