Episode #20: Harbert Egberts - The Flowing Dutchman | Mace Training + Culture

harbert egberts the flowing dutchman squeeze the juice podcast

The Netherlands Mace

Harbert, also known as @the.flowing.dutchman and founder of @dutchflowacademy, is a knowledgeable instructor of maces, kettlebells, and clubs from the Netherlands.

Harbert became obsessed with the mace, aka steel mace, or macebell, and this led him to pursue the history of the mace by documenting its origins in India, where he has recently returned from.

What's in this episode?

In this episode we learn about Harberts journey of discovering the mace, how he started sharing his knowledge online, running workshops from a bike and cart, and his experience with wrestling in India in a langot (the Indian equivalent of a budgy smuggler)

This is a fascinating episode packed with history and culture, and well worth a listen!

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