Episode #27: Katy Sears - HGG's Creative Director + Marketing Wizard | Scaling Business

katy sears hgg performance

Free-lancing to marketing her own business

Katy Sears is the Creative Director and brains behind the marketing strategies and campaigns at HGG Performance.

Before joining HGG, Katy honed her skills as a freelance marketing consultant, accumulating a wealth of experience in growing small businesses worldwide.

As the Creative Genius, Katy's expertise has played a pivotal role in the company's success. However, she has often operated behind the scenes, rarely in the spotlight.

    What's in this episode?

    In this episode, we shine a well-deserved light on Katy as she joins Mick, husband and business partner, delving into the dos and don'ts of starting and scaling a business.

    This episode marks the first part of an anticipated series dedicated to empowering small businesses, aiding them in their growth and expansion.

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    To keep up-to-date with Katy check out her Instagram here.

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