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abdullah zeinab ultra cyclist squeeze the juice podcast

Episode #21: Abdullah Zeinab - 5000km + Ultra Cyclist | Mental Resilience

Abdullah Zeinab is an ultra cyclist from the Gold Coast. He first got into cycling in 2016 when he decided to bike from Melbourne to Adelaide to visit his mum. In this episode Abdullah discusses th...

Equipmentharbert egberts the flowing dutchman squeeze the juice podcast

Episode #20: Harbert Egberts - The Flowing Dutchman | Mace Training + Culture

Harbert is a knowledgeable instructor of maces, kettlebells, and clubs from the Netherlands. In this episode we learn about Harberts journey of discovering the mace, how he started sharing his know...

Podcastjohannes egberts breathwork and stress management podcast

Episode #19: Johannes Egberts - Breathwork Obsessive | Minimize Stress and Perform Better

Johannes Egberts is a self proclaimed breathwork obsessive - an advocate for various types and modalities of breathwork for people of all ages and demographics. In this episode we discuss how to mi...

Podcastrunning podcast on squeeze the juice

Episode #18: Running - The Untold Story | Funny Things Nobody Talks About

New to running, the host of Squeeze The Juice and founder of HGG Performance Mick Sears has begun the journey on his way to completing his first marathon. In this episode Mick talks about his recen...

NRLkieran foran podcast hgg performance

Episode #17: Kieran Foran - NRL Legend on A Lifetime of League

Kieran Foran is a professional rugby league footballer playing for the Gold Coast Titans in the NRL and New Zealand at an international level. In this episode we dive into how the sport has changed...

Podcastjames newbury on squeeze the juice podcast

Episode #16: James Newbury - 4x Aus Fittest Man on Becoming the Best

James Newbury is a pro-crossfiter and is a 4 x Australia's fittest man champion. In this podcast we talk about James’ journey of taking his career as an athlete to the top, what it takes to get the...