Episode #19: Johannes Egberts - Breathwork Obsessive | Minimize Stress and Perform Better

johannes egberts breathwork and stress management podcast

How to optimise your performance

Johannes Egberts is a self proclaimed breathwork obsessive - an advocate for various types and modalities of breathwork for people of all ages and demographics.

He has traveled the world learning about holistic health and honing his craft by studying under experts such as Wim Hoff, Laird Hamilton, Patrick McKeown, and Professor Marc Cohen.

Johannes is an accredited mountain guide and founder of Breathless Expeditions, a master freedive instructor and has worked with the likes of NZ Warriors, NZ Ferns, and David Goggins.

What's in this episode?

In this episode we discuss how to minimise stress, perform better and work toward achieving optimal health, you better not miss this one!

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