Episode #25: Dr Steven Duhig - Lecturer & Researcher | Hamstring Injury Prevention and Performance Optimisation

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Diving into hamstring injury, tibialis training and shin splints

Dr Steven Duhig is a Lecturer and Researcher at Griffith University and Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Burleigh Bears.

After obtaining his PhD in 2016 with a primary research focus on hamstring strain injuries, Dr. Duhig's research now centers around investigating the relationships between muscle architecture and injury risk, as well as performance improvement and injury prevention in various sports such as soccer, rugby league, swimming, track and field, football, and surfing.


    What's in this episode?

    In this episode we deep dive into Steve’s clinical mind and cover the technical aspects of hamstring injury, tibialis training and shin splints, whilst also covering different modalities of training and their effect on performance and injury prevention.

    The ultimate goal of Dr. Duhig's research is to provide practical applications in the field of sport and exercise that directly improves clinical practice and athlete outcomes.

    There is so much information and insight in this episode so tune in and enjoy the show!

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