Episode #23: Georgia Miller - 3x Consecutive Ironwoman Titles | Fractured Spine Setback

georgia miller ironwoman on squeeze the juice podcast

A fractured spine won’t stop this Ironwoman

Called a Triple Crown, Georgia Miller won the Coolangatta Gold, a Nutri-Grain Iron Series and an Australian Ironwoman title all within the same season. 

She has taken 28 individual Aussie Gold medals, 3 consecutive Ironwoman wins and 5 open swim titles and was recently inducted into the SLSA Hall of Fame at only 26 years old.


What's in this episode?

In this episode Georgia talks about her love for the sport, mental toughness, superstitions and how she had her eyes set on her 4th consecutive Ironwoman title (something that’s never been done before) before having to pull out due to injury.

She goes into detail about her ordeal which included having to be rescued from the ocean and fracturing her spine in three areas. 

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