The Universal Landmine Clamp™

$209 AUD

We are changing the game....... AGAIN - introducing the world’s first Universal Landmine Clamp™.

Utilizing HGG’s famous clamping technology, including the notorious moustache bolt and textured, anti slip rubber pad, this is the first barbell landmine attachment that can secure to any post, pillar, pipe or box up to 90mm in just seconds!

Boasting HGG's innovative CNC machined pivot sphere, the Universal Landmine Clamp™  has been engineered for greater rotational capacity and range of motion than traditional landmine attachments.

The Universal Landmine Clamp™ is a simple and easy solution to full body functional training.


Having the ability to secure one end of a barbell to a fixed post allows for a huge range of exercises including Squats, Shoulder Press, Russian Twist, Deadlift, Clean, Split Squat, Rotations, Thrusters and Rows.


Some of the muscles worked are the trapezius, deltoids, scapular, abs, core, obliques, glutes, hamstrings, pectorals, and quadriceps.

Landmine training provides a superior workout for your core muscles and is one of the best ways to develop explosive strength and power through full range of motion.


One of the greatest benefits of the HGG Performance® Universal Landmine Clamp™ is its ability to attach any brand of rack, rig or cage. The easy clamping mechanism means you can reposition to various heights for added training stimulation and variety.

The Universal Landmine™ easily secures to any section with a flat surface up to 90mm in depth meaning it is suitable for home gyms, commercial gyms, or can be used on your bed post, pergola, at the park, etc!

The 55mm HGG Sleeve fits all olympic and competition barbells.


The Universal Landmine Clamp is made from locally sourced, high quality laser cut steel and is finished in textured matte black powdercoat.

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