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6 Epic Landmine Exercises

hgg performance landmine exercises

Take your landmine workout to the next level

Landmine exercises are a fun and interesting way to workout, and there are so many different exercises you can do with a very basic setup.

Here are 6 moves to get you spicy on hump day!

  1. Single leg RDL - Pump up your peach and stabilise your hips
  2. Single leg squat - Mimicks the position required for lateral direction change
  3. Single leg row - Maximise shoulder tension and stabilisation
  4. Shoulder press - Bulletproof upper body
  5. Landmine twist - Improve core strength
  6. @landmineuniversity technique - Build explosive power through full range 


WATCH: 6 Ways to use the Universal Landmine Clap


The HGG Universal Landmine Clamp works by clamping to any rack or post up to 90mm in width. No bolts, no tools, no awkward installs.

Just clamp on when you want to work, and clamp off when you’re done! What other landmine exercises do you do? Let us know in the comments below.

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