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Upper Body Pull Day Workout

Upper Body Pull Day Workout

Take your landmine workout to the next level

Who doesn't love a good pull day? Take yours to the next level with this spicy upper body workout. 


Here are 5 upper body workout exercises for you to try

Landmine Row
  • Great for targeting delts, traps, spine erectors and lats
  • You can do this with two arms but your range of motion is limited by the size of plate

Bicep Curls
  • Good job of activating the short head of the bicep, which can help add thickness to the bicep.
  • Changing grip to hammer curl activates the long head of the bicep which can help increase the “peak” of the arm

Pull Ups
  • Work the lats, traps and biceps whilst engaging shoulder stabiliser muscles
  • If this is too hard, pull ups can be performed with resistance band to make it easier

Face Pulls with the ANCORE Pro by @ancoretraining
  • Target your traps, rear delts, and rhomboids, which will make your back look nice and thick

Hand-over-hand sled pulls
  • Work the back, shoulders and arms while the core muscles, hips and legs assist with stabilising. 


WATCH: 5 Pull Day Exercises

Try this workout for your next upper body pull day and let us know what you think!

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