The Sled Waist Strap

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The Sled Waist Strap is proudly Australian made and comfortably loops around your waist. Pulling from the hips allows for a lower centre of gravity distributing weight throughout the lower legs whilst doing sled pulls. 

The Sled Waist Strap is 2.4m in length. 

*Please note the Sled Waist Strap is included with the BP-Sled 2.0 - you do not need to purchase this product additionally. 

The Sled Waist Strap is NOT included with the C4 Sled - you need to purchase this product separately if you wish to include it in your workouts. 


Clip your Waist Strap to the Sled using the carabiner and loop the opposite end around your waist. Walk backwards pulling the Sled behind you.


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