What's the difference between the Tib Bar™ & ISOTIB®?

tibbar vs isotib

What's better?

Many people wonder which is better, the Tib Bar™ or the ISOTIB®, so let’s take a look at the differences!

Watch: ISOTIB™ vs TIB BAR®


What are the differences?

Firstly, as you can see in the video, it is possible to do most of the major exercises on each piece of equipment. ⁣

Tib raises, leg extensions, hamstring curls and hip flexor raises can be trained on either piece, meaning you can target the tibialis anterior, quads, hamstrings and hip flexors. ⁣


The biggest difference is bilateral vs unilateral.

Training both legs at the same time is great for progressively overloading and is a faster way to get your training done as it essentially halves the time.⁣ However, unilateral training has several advantages including the ability to remove imbalances that you may not notice when training each side separately. ⁣

This really highlights your strength and range of motion deficits, as you may feel one leg fatigue faster than the other. Being able to train each side individually means you can structure your program to compensate and remove these imbalances. ⁣

Another benefit, is that if you’re coming back from an injury, having the ability to load/deload the injured limb is huge, and will make your recovery much easier.⁣

To top it off, training unilaterally forces more stabiliser muscles to recruit, meaning you will increase the stability in each area of the leg you are training. ⁣

Then, as you can see in the last clip, using the ISOTIB® allows you to perform loaded rotational work, as we as target the peroneal muscle and tibialis posterior by rotating the leg.⁣

These are the muscles on either side of the shin and are especially difficult to target without the ISOTIB®. ⁣

Increasing strength in these muscles will help to recover from, and prevent ankle injuries by increasing strength and stabilisation in and around the ankle. ⁣

Both bars serve a great purpose and as the creators and inventors of the Tib Bar™, we love this piece! ⁣

But if you’re looking to reduce the likelihood of lower limb injury, remove imbalances and improve stability, you can’t go past the ISOTIB®.

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