3 Tips for All Runners

3 things all runners should do

Increase your performance with these tips...

When it comes to running and trying to increase our performance, there are a number of things we can do to become better at running.

We spoke with our good friend and ultra runner, Sean Bell to get some tips on running and what things runners should incorporate in to their training:

  1. Incorporate variety into your training - variety is key. Include a range of training methods like regular yoga and mobility and a range of different runs, such as short runs at high intensity, and longer and recovery runs at a lower intensity
  2. Include strength training in your program - strength training decreases the risk of injury and helps us to run faster and more efficiently. With a stronger body you can maintain better running posture and your muscles take longer to break down under stress. 
  3. Listen to your body - if you feel tired, listen to your body and have a rest day. That can look different depending on who you are. Some people like to stretch, have a sauna and / or ice bath or do nothing at all. 

Watch: Sean Bell on three things all runners should do

We hope these tips have given you some helpful takeaways. If you are a runner and have other tips and tricks please share them in the comments section below. 

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