Pho3nix Gold Coast Triathlon

hgg performance at the gold coast pho3nix triathlon

We had an exceptional time taking part in the Pho3nix Gold Coast Triathlon over the weekend. 


What is the Gold Coast Triathlon?

The Pho3nix Gold Coast Triathlon runs over two days and gathers over 1,000 race goers. It's spread over two days with children racing on day one and adults racing on day two.

HGG held a tent on day two and our founder / CEO Mick Sears competed in the Sprint race (750m swim / 20km bike / 5km run).


What did we do at the event?

We had our HGG Performance tent set up and were busy educating athletes on our different products and how they can enhance performance by strengthening their tibs, hamstring, quadriceps, glutes, knees, ankles and more.

There was a ton of interest in our products. We had competitors and spectators coming through to test our equipment and warm up their bodies before and after the big event. 


ISOTIB-LT® in action

iso tib lt

 Here we have a spectator doing tib raises with our ISOTIB LT®

isotib lt

 Here we have a runner working her hip flexors with our ISOTIB-LT®.

tib bar

Here we have a triathlete doing tib raises with our ISOTIB-LT®


What event will we be at next?

Missed us at this event? We will be down at the Gold Coast Running Festival on Sunday 23rd April 2023. Come down, say hi and test out our equipment.

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