Strength and Conditioning Conference

ASCA International Conference on Applied Strength & Conditioning

What is the ASCA conference?

The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) is the accrediting body for strength and conditioning coaches in Australia.

The ASCA International Conference on Applied Strength and Conditioning is a world-renowned event that facilitates learning and development opportunities through keynote presentations, lectures and practical sessions offered by industry leaders.

The conference also provides an environment for companies and coaches to interact, with dozens of Australia's biggest fitness brands attending to demonstrate and showcase their products, services and performance based solutions.


What did HGG do?

An exciting opportunity to demonstrate our innovative equipment, HGG jumped at the chance to become one of the major sponsors for the conference, with our support being directed to the research department.

In typical HGG fashion, we set up a 6m stall and did our best to bring a challenge and some fun to the crowd!


Firstly, we wanted to demonstrate the importance of ankle strength and the lack of ankle control and coordination in most people. To do this, we inserted a laser pointer into the end of an ISOTIB and had attendees draw a straight vertical line with their foot up the wall.

We did this in order to receive visual feedback and a representation of ankle instability under load. Most people were fascinated (and many shocked) to witness just how weak their ankles are, with the laser pointer shaking around all the wall!

Simultaneously we introduced the audience to the “Tib Bar Tapout.” If you didn’t know, the Tib Bar Tapout involves performing as many strict tib raises as possible using a Tib Bar loaded with 20% bodyweight. This was a crowd favorite and an awesome way to challenge the community.

We also set up the “Next Level Nordic” challenge to see who could rep the most full range Nordic Curls using the HGG Nordic Bar. Surprise, surprise, not as many people were keen to try this one, however, one of our existing clients Tom managed 7 complete unassisted Nordic Curls, which was very impressive!


The ASCA Conference is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious strength and conditioning events in Australia, and, as such, draws in a large number of local and international attendees from various S&C environments.

We were grateful for the opportunity to network and converse with industry professionals from diverse backgrounds such as the Military, Air Force and Fire Dept.

We met with Coaches from ballet, swimming, racket and ball sports as well as High Performance Managers from national level sporting clubs. It was also nice to reconnect with the Athletic Development Staff from top level organizations such as the Queensland Academy of Sport.

Industry Recognition

We were pleased with the warm welcome to our very first ASCA Conference, hearing that many of our stall visitors were already HGG Performance customers.

For those that weren’t customers already, the majority of attendees had already seen or heard about our products, either in person or online, and for the small number of attendees who hadn’t heard or seen us, they too were incredibly receptive to our brand and the equipment.

This was a very humbling realization to a young team striving to excel in an industry dominated by big companies, and we couldn't have been happier with the reception. A true testament to our perseverance and commitment to creating the most innovative, Australian made strength and (p)rehab equipment on the market.

What did we gain?

Attending the Conference was pivotal for the expansion and continued growth of HGG Performance, allowing us to solidify our position in the strength and conditioning industry as a world class brand.

Networking with key professionals whilst building rapport and establishing relationships has enabled us to push further into the market, where we are excited to continue expanding the impact our equipment has on the world.

We are looking forward to collaborating with other attending brands and companies moving forward so we can further develop our products and continue solving some of the most challenging strength and (p)rehab issues faced by the industry.

Thank you to all of the organizers, attendees, exhibitors and event staff for making our experience so positive.

See you next year ASCA International Conference on Applied Strength and Conditioning!

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