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5x Australian MMA Champ Adrian Pang - Why Fighters Need the ISOTIB

Adrian Pang ONE FC Combat Athlete

Adrian Pang

We were grateful to sit down with MMA legend Adrian Pang who has been using the HGG Performance ISOTIB for the past few months.

Adrian Pang is an OG in every sense of the word. Having fought for 21 years he has amassed an impressive collection of belts, trophies and titles including: 
- 5x Australian MMA Champion
- Legend Asia Pacific Title Holder
- 2x Asia Pacific Champion
- Striking coach for Ultimate Fighter Australia vs Canada

Pang is now contracted to ONE Championship where he continues to fight into his 40's.

Having fought for so long, Adrian is no stranger to injury, having experienced or witnessed first hand countless injuries inflicted by the ruthless sport.

"I've been using the ISOTIB for my ankles and hopefully to protect against calf kicks." "I just felt like my ankles and knees are getting really strong since using this."

He went on to say, "most people that know me know I'm a no bullshit approach and I don't jump on all the latest fads, but this 100%, I needed one of these. I recommend it to any MMA and combat athletes."

Pang using the HGG ISOTIB 

Next Generation Athletes

We were stoked for such a highly regarded combat sports athlete to say such things about our equipment, but we are now seeing a trend among some of the best fighters in the world who are using and recommending the HGG Performance range.

Pang can be found on Instagram here and his head training academy in Brisbane is Integrated MMA. 

To watch the full on interview YouTube click here.

Adrian and Benny out the front of Adrian's gym - Integrated MMA

All the best with any upcoming fights Adrian!

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