Mini Parallette Bars

$139 AUD

Portable and easy to use, the HGG Mini Parallettes are a hit among the gymnastics and calisthenics community, as well as everyday athletes looking to enhance their strength training.

A compact but sturdy alternative to the HGG Parallel Bars, the Mini Parallettes are perfect if you want to train outdoors, at the park, or take them to your mates so you can show off your best handstand!

Using the HGG Mini Parallettes you can train a variety of isometric and dynamic full body exercises including push ups, handstand pushups, plank, planche, L sit, swing throughs and straddle.

These exercises contribute to huge strength gains in grip, forearms, triceps, chest, back, shoulders and core.

Manufactured in Australia from high quality, locally sourced materials and finished in textured black powder coat, the HGG Mini Parallettes not only look great but will last a lifetime!

- 48mm grip
- 170mm high
- 170mm wide
- 200mm long


  • Set of 2
  • Australian made
  • Powder coat finish in black (custom colours available on request) 
  • Custom manufactured to order
  • Heavy duty laser cut steel 
  • Anti slip rubber pads on bottom of feet

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