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Episode 6: Coach Lino Hola - A Deep Conversation Around Men's Health, Healing and Breathwork


Using breath work for healing and mental-wellbeing

As Movember rolls on, we believe it’s important to use this time to open up conversations around men’s work, mental health, and how we can best serve and support one another in our communities.

It was a pleasure to chat with speaker, coach, instrumentalist and transformational breath work facilitator Lino Hola on all things related to growth and transformation.

Lino is the founder and leading coach of @mensmedicine, a movement that hosts mens, womans, and couples workshops aimed at teaching, healing and empowering people to take control of their lives and live to their fullest expression.


What's in this episode?

In this episode we cover everything from healing and breath work to relationships and family. We go into the importance of authentic expression, and then dive deep into some tough topics that are very rarely spoken about - the miscarriage of unborn children and how it can affect relationships.

The point of this episode and going deep into the theme of Movember, is so we can begin to normalise tough conversations and support the people we love. 

Whether you’re familiar with the world of personal development or new to the space, there are guaranteed to be some take home nuggets in this one!

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