Episode 5: Anthony Bartolo - Business Owner and Gym Franchisor on Hard Work & Mental Health


A chat on how determination and mindset unleashed the beast

Anthony Bartolo, also known as “Barts” is a strength and conditioning coach who owns one of the most successful boutique fitness studios on the Gold Coast - ACTV Strength Co.

Barts has always had an “all in” attitude, and, outside of this mindset almost killing him during a double marathon, he’s managed to harness this energy and channel it into building multiple successful businesses.

A testament to his ambitious nature, Barts opened a cafe and bar during the middle of COVID, and has managed to turn these into thriving venues.

He has now begun franchising ACTV gyms with multiple locations being set up across the Gold Coast and surrounds.

What's in this episode?

In this podcast we talk about everything from business and money, to mindset, attitude, hard work and family life.

We are now into the month of Movember and as a huge advocate for mental health, Barts dives into topics around personal development and how to show up as the best version for yourself, your mates and your family.

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