Episode #12: Vanessa Angerer - Inside the Mind of an Ultra Runner

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Challenge Yourself

Vanessa (better known as V) is a running coach and endurance athlete who loves pushing her mind and body to the limits!

Since leaning into running only a couple of years ago, V has found a love for what it takes to persevere and overcome challenges, having tested herself on 42km, 60km and 100km ultra marathons.

V ran a total of 465km for the month of April, and plans on topping that this month by running 25km a day for 25 days straight, a total of 625km.


    What's in this episode?

    In this episode we talk about injury, strength and conditioning, community, and the winning mindset it takes to push your body to the limits and smile while doing it. 

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    squeeze the juice podcast hgg performance
    squeeze the juice podcast hgg performance

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