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How To Set Up The Ultimate Home Gym

How To Set Up The Ultimate Home Gym

New Year, New Home Gym.

So its the start of the year and you're wanting to set up the ULTIMATE home gym? Awesome! Now it's time to consider the best pieces of equipment for your space. Below are some of our top suggestions for all your home gym workouts.

When purchasing equipment for your home gym, it's important to consider space and functionality when making your decisions. Firstly, you want equipment that is going to be reasonably compact on size and secondly, equipment that, if possible, has multiple purposes and functionality.

Rack or Cage

This is one of the most standard pieces of equipment in all home and commercial gyms. Having a squat rack or cage will allow you to perform a wide range of compound movements including squat, deadlift and bench press needs.

When possible, aim to purchase a rack that has a comfortable pull up/muscle up bar as well.


The ISOTIB is one of the most comprehensive, versatile and compact leg trainers on the market.

The ISOTIB was designed specifically for unilaterally training the tibialis anterior (shin muscle,) but can also be used to train and strengthen the ankles, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors, without the need for big, bulky machines!

Mini Parallette Bars

Mini Parallette Bars are a great tool for building strength in grip, forearms, triceps, chest, back, shoulders and core.

Because these are so compact, they can easily be stowed away against the wall or in a box. This is ultimate space saving solution to bar work and calisthenics.

Wrist Axe

The Wrist Axe is the perfect way to progressively load the wrist and hand, building forearm, grip and rotational strength through full range of motion.

Traditional hammer style wrist and forearm trainers are typically fixed in weight, meaning you need multiple pieces to progressively scale your load. 

Because the Wrist Axe is plate loaded, you only need one piece of equipment and these exercises become extremely scaleable.

Universal Landmine Clamp

Landmine training with the Universal Landmine Clamp is one of the best ways to develop explosive strength and power through full range of motion and get bang for your buck with minimal space.

You can perform Squats, Shoulder Press, Russian Twist, Deadlift, Clean, Split Squat, Rotations, Thrusters and Rows and because our clamp is universal, you can clamp it to any brand of rack or cage, or any upright post up to 90mm in diameter.

Once you're finished, simply undo the clamp and put it away!

BP Sled 2.0

Want to sled at home but don't have a sled track? No problem!

The BP Sled 2.0 is unlike any other on the market, and comes standard with HDPE hard wearing plastic skids so they can be used on a variety of surfaces.

It's difficult to justify putting in a turf sled track at home, but with the BP Sled, you can literally use your driveway or the nature strip as your sled track!

Alternatively, take it down to the nearest footy oval and use the field or car park.

Other Equipment

All the pieces of equipment mentioned above have been designed and manufactured by HGG, while specifically keeping practicality and functionality in mind.

You can find more information on each of these products by clicking the hyperlink in each description.

Below are some other key pieces of equipment that will contribute to an epic home gym setup. At present, we don't manufacture these ourselves, though we can help you to source if you would like to get in touch via email.


Slantboards have a variety of benefits including the ability to promote a more natural squat position. By squatting on a slantboard, you will also be able to get deeper into the squat and work through greater range of motion.

Slantboards are also a great way to stretch the achilles and calves.

We have personally tested and recommended the high quality slantboards from the OG Slantboard Guy.

Ancore Pro 

This is easily one of the best cable systems on the market. With a velcro attachment strap, the Ancore Pro easily attaches to any rack, at any height and turns it into a cable machine!

This eliminates the need for specific, expensive, bulky pieces of equipment and allows you to perform all your lat pulldowns, rows, cable flys, tricep pushdowns etc.

Bench (preferably adjustable)

You will need some sort of bench to perform your exercises on. Ideally, you will opt for a quality adjustable bench, as this will give you the most versatility, allowing you to perform seated, and incline exercises in the rack or with free weights.

Barbell + Bumper Plates

A must have for your squat rack to perform all of your compound exercises including squat, deadlift, benchpress etc.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Rather than having a whole wall covered in various, fixed weight dumbbells, a decent set of adjustable dumbbells will allow you to perform all your free weight exercises at various weight, while taking up a tiny fraction of your precious space.

Rubber Matting

This isn't crucial, but having decent matting on your floor will not only make the space feel more comfortable, it will also stop your equipment from being damaged as you drop it on the floor, and also make it quieter (so you can still get your training in while the kids sleep!)


Of course there are hundreds of pieces of equipment you could easily fill your space with, but with just a handful of the right pieces, you will be able to easily and effectively target and train your whole body without taking up too much space.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like custom pricing when purchasing multiple items.

From the crew here at HGG - train hard, stay safe, and make this year your best one yet

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