Fire & Ice Community Event

hgg performance community workout

A successful Saturday at HGG HQ

We ran our first HGG Community Event over the weekend and it was a hit! This took place at the HGG HQ on the Gold Coast.

We had a fantastic turnout of people come down on Saturday morning to participate in a workout, ice bath, breath work session and of course a tasty cooked brekki (quite possibly the best part). 

It was cool to see a mix of both males and females getting involved in all of the activities and the energy and vibrations were at an all time high!

We received some great feedback from attendees and we are fizzing for the next community session taking place on the 17th June. If you would like to attend, you can save your spot here (note - this is a FREE event).

Testimonials from the day...

"Awesome morning, I feel so set up for the rest of the day. Great meeting a bunch of new faces and waking up the body with the ice bath and workouts! Cheers crew!" - Josh.

"What a wholesome way to kick off the weekend! Thanks HGG for putting on an amazing event and for being so welcoming and friendly. We can't wait for the next one!" - Sarah.

Some photos from the morning

ice bath session gold coast

New research suggests taking an ice bath prior to working out has more benefits than post workout so that's exactly what we did!

breathwork session gold coast

After the workout we did a breath work session to rest and reset the nervous system.

hgg performance

 Michael, the man of all trades, hard at work cooking everyone up a post workout feast!

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