If you’re on the path of ACL rehab, you know it requires dedication and targeted exercises to regain strength and stability in your knee. 

Below, we’ve listed seven essential exercises tailored to aid your ACL rehab journey. These exercises are grounded in practicality, focusing on improving mobility and strengthening key muscle groups to support your recovery process. Let's equip you with the tools you need to navigate your rehab effectively.


1. Tib Raise: Promoting Circulation and Healing

The Tib Raise is an effective exercise to stimulate blood flow and encourage healing in the ankle and lower leg. By gently lifting your toes towards your shin and lowering them back down, you promote circulation and aid in the recovery of your ACL and knee joint.

To fully benefit from the Tib Raise exercise, integrate the Tib Bar into your workout routine.


2. Leg Curls and Leg Extensions: Balancing Strength in Your Legs

Strengthening both your hamstrings and quadriceps is crucial for restoring balance and stability in your knee. Incorporating leg curls and leg extensions into your routine helps to target these muscle groups, supporting your knee as you progress through rehab.


3. Sled Push: Building Strength Through Full Range of Motion

The Sled Push is a dynamic exercise that engages multiple muscle groups, driving strength through the hip, knee and ankle joints. By pushing a sled or weighted object forward, you develop functional strength and improve stability across your lower body.


4. Reverse Sled Drag: Gentle Quadriceps Strengthening

For individuals seeking a low-impact way to strengthen their quadriceps, the Reverse Sled Drag offers a viable solution. By walking backward and pulling a sled or resistance band, you activate the quads without placing excessive strain on the knee joint.

For both the Sled Push and Reverse Sled Drag, consider adding the BP Sled 2.0 into your routine.


5. Deadlifts: Strengthening the Posterior Chain

Deadlifts are a fundamental exercise for strengthening the posterior chain, including the hamstrings and glutes. By maintaining proper form and focusing on hip hinge mechanics, you can effectively target these muscle groups while protecting your ACL during rehab.


6. Nordic Curls: Rehabilitating Hamstring Strength

Nordic curls are a challenging yet effective exercise for rebuilding hamstring strength following ACL reconstruction. Performing controlled eccentric movements, you gradually strengthen the hamstrings while minimising stress on the knee joint.

The Nordic hamstring exercise decreases the risk of hamstring injury by up to 51% (according to a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine) by increasing eccentric hamstring strength.

Incorporating the Nordic Bar into your routine can provide additional support and stability as you focus on rehabilitating your hamstring strength.


7. Consultation and Pain Management: Prioritising Safety and Guidance

Before incorporating any new exercises into your ACL rehab program, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional. They can assess your progress, provide personalised recommendations and ensure that you're moving forward safely. Always listen to your body and avoid training through pain to prevent further injury.


Recovering from an ACL injury requires a strategic approach and commitment to targeted exercises. By integrating these seven essential exercises into your rehab routine, you can strengthen key muscle groups, improve mobility and support your knee's recovery process. 

Remember to proceed cautiously, seek guidance from healthcare professionals and prioritise safety throughout your journey. With perseverance and dedication, you'll gradually regain strength and confidence in your knee, paving the way for a full return to an active lifestyle.

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