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5 Tips To Create The Best Home Gym Space

how to create a home gym

A new year with new fitness goals calls for a fresh training space! Check out our top 5 tips to create the ultimate home gym space so that you can make 2024 your year!

1. Get rubber flooring
This makes the entire space more user friendly and adds a level of safety for you and your equipment. It also allows you to drop weights without making so much noise for the rest of the house.

2. Invest in multifunctional equipment
Budget and space are major factors when setting up a home gym. Opt for equipment that has more than one use. For example, the ISOTIB-LT can perform at least 10 different exercises and eliminates the need for big, bulky cable machines.

3. Choose quality equipment
It may be tempting to buy cheap gear, but over time it will cost you more. Opt for quality equipment that will last a lifetime.

4. Use wall space
Consider using wall mounted equipment like a drop down dip bar to take advantage of all that vertical real estate! Which ties into 5.

5. Keep it organized
Use hooks on the walls, storage racks and boxes to keep everything organised, easy to access, and to maximise on floor space.

If you would like advice while building your home gym this year, get in touch!

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