The Tib Bar™

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Say goodbye to knee pain with the HGG Performance® Tib Bar™ - your game changing missing link to strength and conditioning, knee bulletproofing and injury prevention.
If you want to strengthen your tibialis anterior muscles, increase your ankle range of motion and maintain longevity in your leg muscles for the rest of your life, then this piece of equipment is for you. The Tib Bar will also help you to improve performance in deceleration, sprint speed, directional change, jump height and ankle range of motion.
Tib Raises are taking the strength & conditioning world by storm and we are proud to say that we put them on the map! HGG Performance® are the original creators of the world famous Tib Bar

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We've used HGG products in all our gym programs this season. From the Tib Bar to the Nordic Bar, they've been a staple in helping bulletproof our players against the figures of an NRL season.

Andrew Berridge, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Manly Sea Eagles

Stoked with this new toy, anyone with shin splints, bad knees or ankles this is for you. Massive thanks to HGG Performance.

Harry Garside, Australian Champion and Tokyo Olympics Professional Boxer

I wish I had this earlier in my career, because it would have prolonged my career, I reckon, for another couple more years.

Alex Glenn, Former Brisbane Broncos Captain & NRL Player