Episode #1: Mick Sears - What is 'Squeeze The Juice' Podcast?


A story behind what inspired 'Squeeze The Juice' Podcast

In this episode we sit down with Squeeze The Juice host Mick Sears to discover his story and how Squeeze The Juice Podcast came about.

Mick is the Founder and Director of HGG Performance, an innovative company that manufactures strength and rehabilitation equipment that has largely disrupted and influenced a whole industry by creating products that have never been seen before. His first invention being the Nordic Bar to strengthen hamstrings and the ISOTIB which put HGG Performance on the map.

What's in this episode?

Mick talks about his humble beginnings, how he begun his company out of his garage at home and what his plans are for growing his business and this podcast.

Strap in and enjoy the show!

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To keep up with Mick you can find his Instagram here, and to keep up with HGG Performance check out our Instagram here.

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