How To Do A Nordic Hamstring Curl

How To Do A Nordic Hamstring Curl

How To Do A Nordic Hamstring Curl

Want to bulletproof your knees, improve performance and prevent hamstring injuries? Check out our demo video below that runs you through how to correctly and safely do a Nordic Hamstring Curl for all abilities with our Nordic Bar so that you can reap all of the benefits of this progressive and popular training exercise.

How to do a Nordic Hamstring Curl with The Nordic Bar

Here are our top tips for performing a Nordic Hamstring Curl on The Nordic Bar.

1. Fit your Nordic Bar at the appropriate height.
2. Make sure you have high quality padding to protect your knees.
3. Start with eccentric contraction (lowering) only
4. If its too difficult, use a resistance band to regress.
5. Use an incline bench to make easier.
6. As you get stronger, allow yourself to fall deeper/lower in the exercise.

Optional bonuses for advanced

1. Begin concentric contraction at bottom to “pull” yourself back into upright position.
2. Use hands to “push” back up whilst contracting
3. As you get stronger, stop pushing and pull back only using hamstring contraction.

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