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This is your chance to purchase the Tib Bar™ at our lowest price EVER!*

We have a limited amount of Tib Bars that have surface damage only ~ from scratches to marks, to slightly bent collars ~ the functionality of the product is still 100% epic, and the surface damage will in no way will affect your exercise(s). 

These Tib Bars did not make it through our strict quality control checks - they have not been used, or ever owned by another customer.

Examples of surface damage include:

- Scratches & marks on the TOP piece

- Scratches & marks on the BASE piece

- Scratches & marks around the area where the SLEEVE attaches

- Bent COLLAR on the TOP (varying degrees of "bent")

Please refer to photos for further specification on what we mean by surface damage.

For more information on The Tib Bar, check out the full product listing here. Please note you will have to come back to this page to purchase a Scratch & Dent Tib Bar. 


*Please note by purchasing a Tib Bar™ from our Scratch & Dent Sale, you understand that your selection has surface damage and that sales are final (no returns or refunds will be given). Please note you are unable to choose the scope of damage on the Tib Bar™ - by purchasing a Tib Bar™ from our Scratch & Dent  Sale, you understand that our warehouse team send you a 100% functioning Tib Bar™ with surface damage - whether it be scratches and marks, a bent collar or combination of both. 

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