The 'LEGEND' Bundle - ISOTIB®, Tib Bar™ & Nordic Bar™

$687 AUD


The 'LEGEND' Bundle includes ALL THREE of our original, world famous and best selling innovations - the ISOTIB®, Tib Bar  & Nordic Bar™


The original creators of the world's first single leg Tib Bar!

The ISOTIB® has been designed to isolate and strengthen stabiliser muscles of the ankle and lower leg, along with knee, ankle and leg ligaments. The ISOTIB® can be used on both the left and right foot, and it has an  adjustable foot clamp to suit a wide range of foot sizes. 

Being able to isolate each leg, and being able to work more parts of the ankle is a game changer for your knee stability, ankle control, lower leg strengthening, and overall performance.

The ISOTIB® is an innovative piece of equipment to unilaterally strengthen the tibialis anterior through linear tib raises. The ISOTIB® is also capable of inversion and eversion exercises, as well as rotational work, and by medially (inwardly) rotating the leg allows the peroneals (outside shin muscles) to be targeted too.

The ISOTIB® is made from laser cut quality steel and features a stainless steel 50mm sleeve (which will suit both Olympic & Competition 2 inch plates). The ISOTIB® also features our custom locking clamp to hold weights, an adjustable foot clamp, and cushioned ankle support to ensure comfort. The ISOTIB ® has a matte black finish. 




The original creators of the world famous Tib Bar

The Tib Bar™ is a game changing missing link to strength and conditioning, knee bulletproofing, and ankle/knee prehab/rehab. 

The Tib Bar™ is used to strengthen the tibialis anterior, which is your first line of defense against knee pain. When the tibialis muscle is weak, undue force being generated through walking, running or jumping makes its way to the knee, causing knee pain and shin splints. If you walk, run, sprint, jump or want to maintain longevity in your leg muscles for the rest of your life, then this piece of equipment is for you.

The Tib Bar is made from laser cut quality steel and features a stainless steel 50mm sleeve (which will suit both Olympic & Competition 2 inch plates). The Tib Bar™ also features our custom locking clamp to hold weights, a HGG customised rear collar, and cushioned ankle supports to ensure comfort. The Tib Bar™ has a matte black finish. 




The Nordic Bar™ is used for nordic hamstring curls and holds the ankles in place while kneeling on the ground (or a padded bench for comfort), and leaning forward from the knee to extend the hamstring muscles. 

One of the major benefits of using the Nordic Bar™ attached to a fixed post is that it provides the option to tie a resistance band between your chest and the upright post. This means the exercise can FINALLY be scaled and regressed to a beginner level, allowing the exercise to be performed through full range of motion for multiple reps. 

The Nordic Bar™ has been developed with comfort, function and style in mind. Our Nordic Bar™ includes a larger 8mm plate making it extra heavy duty, an anti-slip textured pad for extra stability, and a wider back pad with two of our epic moustache bolts allowing for a bigger bite surface to stop any lateral movement during your exercise.



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