The 'GOAT' Bundle - ISOTIB™ & Nordic Bar™

$499 AUD

The 'GOAT' Bundle includes two of our latest innovations - the ISOTIB™ & the newly-designed Nordic Bar™


The ISOTIB™ is our newest piece of premium handmade equipment and the first single leg Tib Bar in the world! The ISOTIB™ has been designed to isolate and strengthen stabiliser muscles along with your knee, ankle and leg ligaments.

Being able to isolate each leg, and being able to work more parts of the ankle will be a game changer for your knee stability, ankle control, lower leg strengthening, and overall performance.

The ISOTIB™ is made from laser cut quality steel and features a stainless steel 50mm sleeve (which will suit both Olympic & Competition 2 inch plates). The ISOTIB™ also features our custom locking clamp to hold weights, an adjustable brass foot clamp, and cushioned ankle support to ensure comfort. The ISOTIB™ has a matte black finish.  


Ensure the weight(s) are pushed onto the stainless steel steel sleeve and secured tightly against the rear of the sleeve with our custom locking clamp and 8mm safety locking pin.

While the ISOTIB™ is on the ground, place your foot through the ISOTIB™ and tighten the adjustable brass foot clamp to suit your foot size.

Be seated with your upper leg(s) and knee(s) supported and feet / lower calf extended out. Work through your exercise reps, and when you have finished, place your foot on the ground again and loosen the adjustable brass foot clamp to release your foot.

We recommend always wearing shoes whilst using the ISOTIB™ due to the clamping mechanism - the clamping mechanism will tighten against your shoe to fit to size.


The Nordic Bar™ is the solution you have been searching for! The Nordic Bar™ is used for nordic hamstring curls and holds the ankles in place while kneeling on the ground (or a padded bench for comfort), and leaning forward from the knee to extend the hamstring muscles. 

The Nordic Bar™ has been developed with comfort, function and style in mind. Our newly designed Nordic Bar™ now includes a larger 8mm plate making it extra heavy duty, an anti-slip textured pad for extra stability, and a wider back pad with two of our epic moustache bolts allowing for a bigger bite surface to stop any lateral movement during your exercise.

The adjustable Nordic Bar™ easily fastens on to any frame, gym bar, post or immovable solid object measuring up to 90mm in width. The 48mm round pipe that holds the ankles in place gives a sturdy and reliable support on the achilles and lower leg. The Nordic Bar™ is made from Australian laser cut quality steel and has a matte black finish. 


Slide the Nordic Bar™ around the post you are wanting to attach it and fasten the two HGG moustache bolts up against the post until the clamping pad is tight and the Nordic Bar™ is securely attached. We recommend kneeling on a padded bench for comfort while doing this exercise.

Ensure you are doing this exercise slowly and controlled. Slide your ankles in around the cushions, then extend the hamstring muscles to lean forward (lean forward from the knees, not the hips) until you come low to the floor, then push yourself back up and repeat. 

For more information, head to our FAQs, or reach out to our HGG Support Team here.


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