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It all started when Mick Sears, the OG HGG, decided to design and manufacture a few home gym racks from his double bay garage after covid-19 first broke out and gyms were closed nationwide… The Home Gym Guys™ was born. 
It wasn't long before Mick started experimenting with new innovations to keep up with progressive training protocols inspired by @kneesovertoesguy. The first gap in the market was solved with the Nordic Bar™ - a space saving piece of equipment to train hamstrings in a revolutionary way! But the real game changer that shook up the industry was the Tib Bar™, which we launched to the world on 04/12/2020.
Before our Tib Bar™ existed, tibialis training had more or less disappeared from the world - and we put it back on the map! With the help of @kneesovertoesguy, Mick was able to see another gap in the market, which was training your tibs. The benefits of this were neverending, helping people universally to recover from and prevent injuries, to improve performance, to jump higher, to run faster, to increase strength and to bulletproof ankles and knees. Word spread quickly, training your tibs was now essential and the HGGs were the ones to make it happen.
HGG Tib Bars started making their way from Mick’s garage all around the world. From Australia to Iceland & everything in between. We were stoked!!! More and more professional athletes, coaches, sports teams and health practitioners started using our gear alongside ATG training programs. Even Joe Rogan was talking about The HGG Tib Bar™! It was time for The Home Gym Guys™ to move out of the garage and get a few helping hands… and the HGG team was born!  
Over time Mick and the team developed and perfected the design of the Tib Bar™ to what you see on our online store today... a premium Australian made steel product, built to last.
The HGGs wanted to take it one step further and in September 2021 after months of blood, sweat and tears, the ISOTIB® was born. The very first single leg tib bar, a groundbreaking addition to our collection that allowed people to specifically isolate one leg at a time to train out the imbalances in the body. The ISOTIB® is now the most popular and best selling tib training item globally.
At the beginning of 2022 we also launched our Reverse Sled and Drop Down Dip Bar and we are looking forward to releasing even more revolutionary equipment later on this year. As a team of creative problem solvers, we will always strive to innovate new equipment to help people improve their performance and athleticism, for both professionals and the everyday trainer. We are so proud of all of our epic pieces of equipment and how much they are helping all kinds of people all around the world. 
As our customers continued to expand into an incredible variety of elite sports teams and athletes, leading coaches, professional practitioners, the military and so much more... we realised that the love for our gear greatly surpassed our expectations and reached far bigger places than just home gyms. We were so much more than The Home Gym Guys, so it was time for a rebrand! The same quality gear, the same legendary team, the same awesome moustaches, just a new epic name… We became: HGG Performance™.
It hasn’t always been smooth sailing though and there have been a fair few hurdles and time consuming challenges along the way… trying to run the business throughout the pandemic, with state border closures restricting the movement of our staff, suppliers and materials. As well as our primary suppliers warehouse burning down just weeks before the launch of our ISOTIB® with hundreds of pieces of our equipment! We even had the first HGG baby born. 
Safe to say it has been a rollercoaster couple of years for this homegrown Aussie business, but we are so grateful to be on this journey. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for our amazing HGG team, our awesome suppliers, and most of all our epic customers buying our gear and loving our products...So a huge thank you to all you legends out there!!

We have a lot of plans for more new innovations to hit our online store in the coming months, so stay tuned to our socials and let’s see what the future brings!
Big love,
Mick and the HGG Performance team

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