HGG @ The QLD Maroons Camp

Brisbane Broncos Corey Oates Nordic Curl

Last week we had the privilege of heading into the Queensland Maroons rugby league team camp to showcase the HGG Performance equipment to help keep the team performing at their absolute best for State of Origin.

The boys were put through their paces and trained with our Nordic Bars, ISOTIBs and Tib Bars. It was awesome to hear that the Brisbane Broncos and Manly Sea Eagles players had already seen and used HGG Performance equipment in their clubs and they are not the only ones. We are proud to have gear with NRL players all over Australia and have also sent equipment to teams such as the North Queensland Cowboys and Penrith Panthers

Former Brisbane Broncos captain Alex Glenn said - "If I had this Tib Bar earlier in my career, it may have prolonged my career another couple of years."

HGG Performance Tib Bars, Nordic Bars and ISOTIBs help athletes to prevent and recover from ankle, knee and hamstring injuries. It's clear that these types of injuries are on the rise among rugby league players globally, so we hope that by incorporating training on the HGG Performance gear, these numbers will soon start to drop!

The HGG Performance Founder & Director, Mick Sears, is a diehard QLD supporter so this experience was a dream come true and huge highlight of the HGG business journey so far. We even decked the boys out with custom QLD colours too.

Good luck in the deciding game! #QLDER

QLD Maroons using the Nordic Bar
Corey Oates on the Nordic Bar.
QLD Maroons on the ISOTIB
Daley Cherry Evans on the ISOTIB.
QLD Maroons on the Tib Bar
Corey Oates on the Tib Bar.
QLD Maroons on the ISOTIB
Ben Hunt on the ISOTIB.
HGG Performance @ QLD Maroon Camp
Mick Sears the HGG Founder giving a demo on the ISOTIB.

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