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10 Health & Wellness Tips For The Festive Season

10 Health & Wellness Tips For The Festive Season

Christmas is a time to enjoy yourself and indulge, but it's important to keep a healthy balance in mind so that you can enjoy the festive season without it having too much of a negative impact on your physical or mental health. We are here to help you find that balance! Try out our top 10 health and wellness tips for a healthier Christmas and festive season.

1. Keep Moving

Don't sit down all day! Try and encourage your family to go out for a walk, especially after eating to aid digestion. Or get some movement and fresh air by playing some outdoor games, kicking a ball around or going for a swim.

2. Go easy on the booze

We love a festive drink but there are a bunch of ways to ensure you don't go over the top for days on end. Try not to start too early or finish too late, stay hydrated by having water in between alcoholic drinks, drink at your own pace by avoiding rounds and drink slowly. 

3. Squeeze in a workout

Carving out 30-60 minutes for yourself and going for a run or doing a quick strength workout will do wonders for your mental and physical health during the Christmas period. Better still, get some of your family members involved and get everyones endorphins going!

4. Try not to overeat

We get it, Christmas is all about delicious food, but before you go for a second helping, wait 20 minutes to see whether you really want more. 

5. Share Christmas treats with others

If you've received lots of booze, chocolate or treats as gifts, take them along to parties and gatherings to share with others so that you don't end up consuming them all by yourself.

6. Add more fresh food into your day

Load your plate up with fresh goodness before piling on too many unhealthy choices to ensure that you are filling up with salad, veggies, fruit & meat - and not just fatty, processed, fried or sugary food. 

7. Stress less

Christmas can be stressful! Whether it's your in-laws, your to-do list or the financial implications of the festive season, it can be a lot. Ask for help when you need it, plan ahead and don't forget to breathe. 

8. Mental health time outs

Don't feel guilty about taking some time out for yourself, it's your holiday too! Look after your mental health by being selective with who or where you spend your time and energy. A quick meditation, some time outdoors or some breathwork can work wonders. 

9. Avoid comparing yourself to others

If social media comparisons or unwanted conversations with family members aren't making you feel good, stay away from them. 

10. Give gifts to help others stay healthy

Spread health & wellness this Christmas by giving gifts to loved ones such as vouchers for wellness experiences, active presents to enjoy outdoors, healthy food or drinks, or exercise equipment!

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