Gym Fit Out: Concordia Lutheran College, Toowoomba

hgg performance custom gym fit out concordia gym

The client

Concordia Lutheran College is a High School in Toowoomba that have a gymnasium facility for their students.


What did the client ask for? 

Concordia requested a complete upgrade of their current facility to a new, high performance centre. They wanted HGG Performance to project manage the entire job - this ranged from planning and designing the project, souring flooring and the manufacturing and installation of gym equipment, rigs and accessories. 

Our team took charge of this project and used their experience to really maximise the space of the given floor area. The result is fantastic and resulted in a very, very happy client.

Equipment used in this fit out:

  • 3 x bay floor mounted power cage
  • 3 x wall mounted dip bars
  • 3 x flat benches
  • 3 x adjustable benches
  • 2 x spin bikes
  • 1 x adult bike
  • 1 x rower
  • 1 x ski erg
  • 1 x 5-30kg dumbbell set
  • Kettle bell set
  • Slam ball set
  • Battle rope
  • 10m x 2m sled track
  • HGG commercial sled
  • 1 x nordic bar
  • 1 ancore system (cable machine)
  • 3 x olympic barbells
  • 1 x set of parralel bars
  • Flooring installation - 1m x 1m floor tiles


The finished product

gym fit out australia
custom gym equipment and fit outs


hgg performance custom gym fitout






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